OQC Petroleum  has a good reputation after receiving the trust, respect and respect of all its clients. The company has a strong staff with the best technical expertise and knowledge in the field of contracting for oil Service and Drilling in additional to   civil, mechanical and electrical works. It includes the reconstruction of infrastructure in all its forms and requirements in terms of supplying potable water systems, heavy water networks, Construction of buildings of all kinds, construction of warehouses and warehouses, as well as the work of drinking water treatment plants and the establishment of drinking water networks and sewage networks and the establishment of pumping stations of raw water with strict commitment to speed and High quality through relying on local and international experiences, directly and indirectly gained the admiration and satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

Our working teams in all their forms are prepared and supported by good technical expertise and full environmental knowledge in how to deal with and coexist with the working environment in all regions of Iraq, in defiance of the difficulties and security conditions to obtain the highest international standards.

The company has been from the beginning to be in the forefront of infrastructure companies and all their names and forms working hard alongside the local and international companies in order to ensure the requirements of safety and safety and to confirm the tributaries and foundations of quality control through the organization of standard and quarterly training courses for its employees and teams.


OQC Petroleum  is specialized in complete administration of the industrial, commercial oil service , drilling , fluid transportation projects.

the company also execute all infrastructure projects, (sub-divisions) for cities, roads, extending pipelines for drinking waters and all kinds of purification stations and the heavy water networks, disposing of rain water networks, drainage in addition that our company carries out the works of small and large dams and executing all projects, bridges, arches, express way roads cities.
roads and as the team of engineers and surveyors enjoy high experience in all fields of constructional buildings which helps them to prepare the basic infrastructure of offices, industries, workshop, machining and department for transport and stores and these departments are fully equipped with all necessities and equipment..

OQC Petroleum considers that our understanding and our appreciation for the requirements of the clients is the secret of our success. And we believe in the aspect of the client during life and we exert our almost efforts to present the best value to our dear clients through providing them with the best products and services and we also believe that the inspired employees are those who make the company distinguished from the other companies.
And as we consider winning the confidence of our commercial partners whether they were clients, importers, employees or the whole society is an important matter to continue our success.


Mahdi Saleh Alrekabi

Our company seeks to build its future by adopting the concept of constructive investment, a concept that depends on making tangible and intangible profits. The material profits are the motivation for the survival and sustain ability of our company, while the non-material profits are the motivation for the continuation of the pulse and spirit and sense around. The intangible profits of our company are the tangible results of all our works and activities, the effects of which can be seen in our society, in our economy and in  our Country in  general.

We are committed to making attractive investments through our partnerships and excellent relationships with the local and international business community by entering into strategic investments in various economic sectors. This will provide great value to our company and our Country and contribute to the skills, technologies and information necessary to build our future.

Our ambitions are limitless, and we depend on our outstanding human resources, the most precious and most important of all, to achieve, after God’s blessings, our vision to achieve excellence in every aspect of our work.

Welcome  to our company


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