The company has completed and successfully lot of special projects design and construction program, it has many of the advisory and technical offices known to work with our company through a close relationship based on mutual care and cooperation to work together in the implementation of many of the important projects in the areas of:

  • Architecture.
  • Structures and compositions.
  • Electricity.
  • Mechanics.
  • Communication and control.

Our company is the personal benefit has been made outside the framework of the application of this program, as customers documented requirements and recommendations that they want to implement, our company is preparing the required designs in preparation for final approval in line with the customer’s requirements, and then the company issuing the final designs for implementation, according to what was agreed upon.

That our consultants and our associates are working through modern engineering techniques and the most adaptable to their work through the latest drawings, designs and analyses input and accounts programs and spreadsheets to work effectively for the formulation of all the required documents.

In addition, the consultants and our associates are working always through a permanent monitoring of the quality of quality and record all variations depending on the supplied materials and methods of construction techniques, where the scientific assessment will be present at the end of each stage to find out possible ways to improve the work assigned to them and to the fullest and to serve the interests and customer satisfaction.